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Need To Import Goods To Canada? Choose To Get A Customs Broker Onboard!

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to import goods to Canada, you would inevitably have to deal with a bunch of custom compliance aspects. Most businesses have little or no clue how things worth with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and they often end up making mistakes that cost huge in the long run, especially when it comes to getting the shipment. If you don’t want to find your own way out, working with a service like Clearit customs brokerage can be a good idea. Customs brokers are licensed by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and here’s what you must know about hiring one.

The need for a customs broker

The whole set of rules, regulations and aspects that impact shipments being brought to Canada can be overwhelming in the first place. Custom brokers are meant to simplify the whole thing. Besides helping with shipment and dealing with the taxes and duties, they are also experienced in handing other things, including LTL and FTL truck freight, and Ocean & Air freight forwarding. Most brokers also help clients in getting parcels, and some work with businesses directly to help with customs consulting. If you plan to launch your business, they can also guide with e-commerce customs solutions and how you can keep a tab on the how small mistakes can be avoided. As in any industry, not all custom brokers are the same, so some initial homework can come in handy.

Start with the basics

  1. First things first, start by knowing the customs broker. How long they have been in business? What are the services they offer among all mentioned above? Are they available when you need them? Do they have a live chat service, and if not, what are the ways through which they offer support?
  2. Secondly, check if the customs broker can help new businesses and novice imports. They should be able to explain the risks that are associated with importing goods, and their agents should guide on avoiding common mistakes.
  3. Finally, find more on the charges. Just because a customs broker is charging more than an average Joe doesn’t mean they are the best in business, nor should you settle for a service that’s the cheapest. The idea is to pay for experience and expertise, and for that, shelling a tad more is never a bad idea.

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